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Farmer walking down field with herd of cows in background


Higgins Farm has been a family operation for five generations, originating as a chicken farm until 12 cows started the dairy herd. We have changed a lot since our early days delivering milk in glass jars, showing cows during 4H, and owning the milking herd. Now we have a more diversified operation including raising rodeo cattle, boarding horses, and raising beef.  Regardless of how our farm has adapted over the years we continue to hold a standard for traditional farming and proper animal husbandry. We are proud to be one of the few farms remaining in Middletown, CT and look to see future generations care for this land. 

What we do

Farmer and two young bulls

Raising the herd.

We breed and raise rodeo animals giving them a safe and pleasant home. 

Horsed in field in front of white barn

Care-free retirement.

Give your horse the retirement they deserve with open pasture and spacious stalls. 

Beef cows in field

Buy local.

We take pride in how we care for our animals and want to give you the choice to buy local, well sourced meat. 

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