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Image of rodeo bull bucking off cowboy.

Bulls that Buck.

Higgins Farm ventured into the rodeo business in 2013 when a herd of 20 rodeo cows first stepped onto the property. Most would never believe anyone could step near some of those cows, let alone pet them, with their skittish tempers and broad horns, but at Higgins Farm we make peace with even the most tempered animals. To date, 7 generations of bulls have been bred from the herd each going into successful rodeo careers and being some of the best conditioned animals undoubtedly due to their early years being raised on Higgins Farm. Most recently some of the bulls have been sold to Painted Pony in Lake George, NY. 

Photo: Left,  Bull born on Higgins Farm. Photo taken by Bob Hosker.

Our Herd

Some of our herd has been on the farm since we started our venture in the rodeo business while some are later generations of a strong lineage. We take pride in raising well conditioned animals and our rodeo line is no different.  Scroll through the photos to the right to see some of our herd. Please reach out to us if you are interested in buying bulls, cows, or heifers. 

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